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I am poking through the shop interface trying to figure out how DW::Shop::Item works and have run across the following annoyances:

* /shop/transferpoints is only linked from the site navigation menu and the site map. It also needs to be linked from the main shop page and from the gift points purchase page. Also, the transferpoints page should link to the gift points purchase page, to make it as easy as possible to move back and forth between the two (buying vs. transferring).

* The points purchase page is missing a link back to the main shop page like the account and rename purchase pages have. Also missing from transferpoints, which isn't linked from the shop page anyway (see above).

* Points can't be paid for anonymously, but they can be transferred anonymously, and accounts can be paid for anonymously. This inconsistency seems like an oversight. (Edit: this is included in bug 2854.)

That's the bad news. The good news is that it looks like item hashes are saved as a blob in the shop_carts database table, so I can just add a new key to the item hash instead of altering a table somewhere to add a column. I think that's all I have to do, unless I am missing something fundamental here.
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